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Especially mediatecture offers the potential for construction projects to make the identity of the customer sensually perceivable. But the question “who are you” or “what do you want to convey” is not easy to answer, especially in the context of a given project.


Depending on how far communicating one’s identity is part of the project, it makes sense to start a systemic process with employees or the management before developing the mediatectonic project, in order to have a clear idea about this identity. This process can be carried out with a professional coach or the agency that has already been engaged.
In this context I offer support for visualizing this process with images. On one hand, these images are very useful for developing a mediatectonic concept, on the other they help directly to review the results during the system work.

My experience is that such a system work helps in planning the meditectonic project very precisely and in doing so, develop the right task profile. This is especially important for planning the media production, since often the requirements for the image material result from the content related orientation.