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Media façade – what for, where und how?

Worldwide there is a huge interest in media façades. But most projects are not realized since they do not give the customer any obvious benefit. For a “nice to have” they are too complicated to realize.
In order to install a media façade project sensibly, the following aspects should be considered:

1. Location analysis
The media façade must be directed towards an audience and needs to be positioned accordingly on the building. This requires the architect and the owner to carefully coordinate their work. In doing so, they must also distinguish between a static (pedestrians) audience and a moving one (car traffic).

2. Communication analysis
What kind of communication benefit is the media façade supposed to have? The spectrum ranges from increase in value of the building to conveying an individual corporate identity.

3. Profitability analysis
Many investors and architects hope to create a source of income by advertising on the media façade. This requires a close coordination with the media agencies. However, these agencies usually only use standard formats. Therefore, an analysis is needed to determine what kind of brand advertising can be integrated individually into the standards of the façade.

I offer the preliminary planning of a media façade and will carry out the necessary analyses.