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Media façades have a great influence on public spaces and are always subject to the permission of public authorities.

But since municipal authorities usually cannot assess the impact of this new medium yet, it is not easy to obtain the permission. Therefore, it is important to consult the local authorities and cooperate with them as soon as planning for a media façade begins. The goal should be to reach a contractual relationship between the authorities and the owner of the media façade; this contract should regulate the underlying mentality of the media façade display. The authorities can only participate constructively in the process of granting permission if they are given the chance to intervene in the operation of the media façade display.

What I offer:

Process support and coordination of the owner’s and the municipality’s interests.

Drawing up a hazard-analysis for the media façade together with scientific experts.

Bring across the communication objectives of the media façade, in order to reduce the municipality’s fear of the unknown.

Planning and permission procedures up to inspection (experience shows this is usually not before the media façade begins to operate).

Obtain a letter of intendin order to provide planning reliability for the owner.