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During the planning process for the media façade for T-Mobile, I contacted the planning department of the city of Bonn and described the project. It was important for the planning department not to have any direct advertisement in this location. This was discussed with T-Mobile, with the result that the display primarily intends to present T-Mobile’s corporate culture using artistic means. This way, the city could classify the media façade as art in construction.
Permission was also granted to display information on the events that take place in the forum behind the media façade.
In order to allay the fears that the installation may present a traffic hazard, Prof. Erke drew up an analysis in terms of the perceptive psychology involved, according to which e.g. sports events sponsored by T-Mobile are not allowed to be presented live on the façade. Agreements like this provide clear conditions for everyone.

A building application was filed which was historically the first one to contain software.

The general realization of the project was in the hands of ag4.