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In mediatectonic projects, media design and content management merge, since the perception of moving images in public spaces requires its own image processing. Therefore I call it content design that must focus directly on the installation that is set up. This is the reason why it is the content design that leads to the image world whose procedural order in turn is responsible for developing the communication effect of a project.


In order to form the construction of an image world, a methodology is required, which allows non linear sequences of images.

The challenge is to create an individual mechanism for every project, which then provides the basis for the programming and image creation.

Every item of my services has another character and the media enactment changes accordingly, also the sound management.


Development of an individual framework for the content design and supervision of the appropriate programming.

Content related and dramaturgic concept for presenting the communication intended.

Design of the media modules in coordination with the mediatectonic project.

Artistic design for media tasks.