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In building construction, mediatecture projects must always display a close relation to the architecture. The goal should be to give the content and the communication aspect of the project a visible representation.

This becomes especially obvious in media façades, which always work whenever the communication technology and the concept of the media façade become an integral part of the architecture.


By now, media technology is so complex that it is possible to develop highly individual solutions for each project, technically as well as from the design aspect. Apart from this, medial does not automatically mean that media technology will be applied. The attitude is the decisive factor in converting a building into a medium for a specific idea or a social system, which can be expressed with the building. This is sometimes possible with very simple creative measures.

A concept for a programmatic or urban planning project can be realized with mediatecture, irrespective of technical or creative challenges.


Concept and design

Technical planning

Realization with a network of specialized companies and experts