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In 1991 I (architect) founded ag4 in Cologne with Harald Singer (stage director) and Reinhard Lepel (architect): Consortium for 4-Dimensional Building. ag4 quickly turned into a group with a multi-faceted interdisciplinarity. These were exciting times, but not always crowned with economic success. In 1997, business economist Ralf Müller joined us and together we developed ag4 mediatecture company that quickly turned into a general contractor for mediatectonic projects. From 2003, Ralf Müller and I alone managed ag4 company. In 2005 we also founded the ag4 media façade GmbH, a limited liability company.

Reorientation from 2009

The overall challenge for a mediatect lies in placing our complex daily world into given living spaces. ag4 has always accepted this challenge, but additionally entrepreneurial structures became necessary in order to realize the projects in our overall responsibility. The successful and worldwide establishment of the media façade products was a good moment for Ralf Müller and me to congratulate ourselves on what we had achieved and to pursue our own business-paths. Therefore I am in a process of reorientation after 18 years with ag4, positioning myself with a typical paradox of our time: working in a niche, but being a generalist at the same time – and looking for new creative challenges and cooperations.

Working method

Mediatectonic projects do not allow for a separation of spatial construction and medial content. I develop concepts that include both aspects from the beginning. The marked interdisciplinary orientation of ag4 has provided me with the professional and technical know-how that go far beyond the job that I once learned. Consequently, the boundaries between design, technological development, conceptual work and systemic consulting dissolve.