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Zum Begriff "Mediatektur" (German)
Christoph Kronhagel 2003
(PDF, approx. 90 KB)

Mediatecture is the interface between virtual and physical spaces.

By now the public often uses the term media-architecture. It describes the encounter of architecture and electronic media. This was exactly the idea with which we founded ag4 in 1991, but soon noticed that this interdisciplinary approach only describes the addition of two different ways of creating and shaping. As soon as in 1993, I became aware of the fact that with our work we were developing an altogether new discipline with its own rules of creation and introduced the term mediatecture. This term expresses what we are actually dealing with: conveying (media) ideas by means of a construction (-tecture).

A mediatectonic project always comes into being when a client wants a room or space to take on a certain meaning by conveying a specific idea or a complex subject. This kind of mediatecture can be an interior space like a hall or an exhibition forum or it can be realized outdoors like a media façade. Mediatecture always creates a close link to the architecture or even the city space – ideally mediatecture and architecture should stimulate one another.